I found this meme or whatever you call it on Pinterest. For those of you that do not know what Pinterest is, then you’re missing out, well maybe not really. It’s pretty much like a StumbleUpon or a Tumblr. Either way I picked this picture because for me, being an athlete and playing sports since I was 4, it really made sense. So many times I’ve fallen down and wanted to give up. Especially while running sprints, I feel like I’ve seen my life flash before my eyes. (Sprints and running in general is the devil in my eyes).

Seeing this picture put things in perspective. It actually made me thankful that I have legs to run with and walk with. I never have to worry about using my lower body. There are people out there who physically aren’t capable of doing the things that athletes do but they put their hearts into it and they certainly do not make excuses. I’m printing this picture out and putting it in my locker-room to remind my teammates that whenever they want to give up or not give 100%, there is someone out there wishing that they had the ability, or even skill to play on a collegiate level sports team. I never want to forget to work hard, and I never want to stop working hard, this photo reminded me why.


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