Alternative Media “Cruises” Through Mainstream TV

Today in class we briefly touched upon whether or not we found shows such as The Colbert Report, Morning Joe, Nancy Grace, and frankly news reporting pieces presented on late night TV to be considered alternative or mainstream media. Truth is, it’s hard to tell because while in many cases the news presented comes from alternative media sources that is researched by the teams of these shows, the actual program is steamed trough mainstream television/networks. I believe that while these shows are broadcasted through mainstream networking like NBC, ABC, CNN, etc., the news correspondence is alternative in its means of message. For example, I think of the regular Saturday night skit comedian Seth Meyers presence of Saturday Night Live weekly. The skit is titled “News Updates With Seth Meyers”. In the correspondence, Meyers delivers news; it’s not the breaking stories that we read and hear by the hour. It’s the smaller stories that are rooted in small towns states, forgotten horrors over seas, or upcoming pop culture stings.

The news presented isn’t, at the time, “mainstream” per say. It’s alternative in content, in source, and in presentation (being offered by a comedian on a late night television show). Even though it;s broadcasted mainstream through NBC Network, content and source speaks to the volume of what can or can’t be considered alternative or mainstream. There sort of reporting styles are still unique in nature and rooted from stories not openly broadcasted by our society at large. I side with these news reports being alternative media presented through mainstream mediums.¬†

Francesca Savella


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