Journalistic Dangers: On The Media Podcast 2/24

“Generally we at On the Media are resistant to reporting what we call “Journalist in Peril” stories. After all, like policemen or firefighters, journalists choose to put themselves in danger.” 

– February 24, 2012 Podcast

It is unsettling to have listened to this week’s On The Media about the slaughter of an American Journalist and French Photographer in Syria. Just two weeks ago, in class, I praised the work of journalists whether they were working or self-proclaimed. I praised the bravery of these people to capture reality in a country like Syria where terror is among the normalcy of society. Where a child’s jaw is shot off, women are raped and dismembered, where the government is the demise of a country. I praised social media as an outlet where real, hard stories could be unleashed to the public to learn of mass horror and actually take a stand based on their knowledge of what’s happening in our world. However learning that in Syria the result of education through facts presented as news brings death, has shaken me. I can’t believe that this government is absolutely so hostile. That it is so willingly sacrificing people doing their jobs to promote education to a world who has been shut out of the truths of Syria and their government. It makes me question both morality and the level of ethics in our world. When is terror, just not acceptable? When is a government shutting out its own citizens and the world simply too much? This story makes me wonder about the future of journalism around the world and when having to protect people will become more important than the integrity of journalism as a whole. How can international reporting cease to continue without the players of the game being shut out, tormented, or killed as was shared on this On The Media episode.

Stemming back to the conversation our class had regarding self mediated journalism and the ability to proclaim yourself with this title with having the technology of video cameras and smart phones mixed in with social networking and blogging I don’t foresee “insider’s” journalism to end especially because people are now passionate about dictating all aspects of life whether it be personal or worldly. I only fear for the lives of those who mix with the wrong contenders.


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