Targeted From Birth


Are we the target of advertisers from birth?  Coming across this ad caused me to pose this question.  From the second we are born, advertisers are finding ways to get us, or our parents, to buy.  Actually, we are even the targets of advertisers before birth.  Between diaper commercials, grow up plans, and endless toy commercials, advertisers are already targeting babies from the womb.  This photo especially made this fact seem real.  We are covered in advertisements.  Not even a newborn is free from the reach of advertisers. 

            Sadly, this photo reminded me of a branded cow.  Just as a cow is owned by its brander, we are all in a way, “owned” and branded by advertisers.  Without even being aware, we become the victims of advertisers everyday just by watching TV, going online, or listening to the radio.  It almost seems impossible to avoid being the target of an advertisement.  I know that I personally am a brand junkie; an advertisers wet dream.  I am that person who will see an ad on TV, run to my computer to find out more, and probably buy it. 

            Thinking back now, what transformed me from an innocent baby, who was just a target, to an actual consumer?  What caused me to become such a lover of “stuff”?  I don’t know if it’s possible to answer this question.  I guess you could say I fell victim to the world of advertising.  But, seeing an innocent baby branded with countless product labels worries me.  I don’t want my child to become just another target, but how can I stop it?


I also came across a couple of memes I found hilarious. Enjoy!




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