NPR 4- Isn’t most TV fake?

I think it’s a bit ridiculous that newscasters and the people behind the scenes at news stations are so upset with the way their profession is presented in movies and in television shows. When is the last time something we watched on screen was completely realistic? Even reality TV is typically conjured up to be a hoax. Even though Modern Family is one of my favorite shows, I’d like to meet a family that’s always prepared with these funny quips and hilarious situations. They don’t exist! That’s why it’s not real! If we look back at the Great Depression and hard times in our nation’s history, TV, radio and Vaudeville were used to lighten the mood. These forms of media were supposed to pull people out of the hard times and allow them to escape from real life. The fact that people in the broadcasting business are angry at being depicted incorrectly is a little ridiculous. It’s not as if TV and movies make broadcasting look negative, they’re just incorrect. Besides the fact that there are bigger problems going on in the world, they should get involved instead of being angry. A few weeks ago I read about math professors who were bothered by the incorrect math and false scientific processes that were shown on shows like CSI and Numb3rs. They took the opportunity to educate and provide their intellect so that the calculations on the show were real.

People who view media connect to the mainstream image. It may not be the right image, and while TV should strive to create a replica of real life, it’s not crucial that news broadcasters be displayed in the perfect way. Through actual news broadcasts and journalists covering a story an audience can see the actual way broadcast looks.


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