Semester Project Proposal- Strong Women

My semester project will center around strong women. Through my project I will utilize two of my biggest inspirations of strong women, my older sister and my mother. Through this project I hope to discover what it truly means to be a strong woman, how my mother, sister and I have effected and taught each other the importance of being strong, and what types of visual images conjure up the label of a strong woman. I think it will be interesting to look at the three of our opinions because we all grew up in different decades with different influences.

I will start my project by focusing on the following questions:

-Who is your inspiration?

-What is an image that represents strong women to you?

-Why is being a strong woman important to you?

I will continue to look at the differences of women in different decades through these ideas:

-Visual images of strong women

-Strong woman in places of power

-The negative names strong women are labeled with.

-First lady, Michelle Obama, as a barometer of a woman in 2012, versus Former First Lady, Nancy Reagan in 1981.

The second part of my project will involve the films Sex and the City and Grease. These two movies demonstrate a change and advancement in women’s power, sexuality and independence. I will analyze each of our reactions to strong or weak women. I will also use the Bechdel Test to look at trends in film in the past few decades in terms of women. The Bechdel Test is designed to evaluate movies based on three critera: (1) it has to have at least two women in it (2) who talk to each other, about (3) something besides a man.

I will blog or video-blog to present my findings. Over Spring break I plan to put the film part of my project to action because I will be spending time with my sister and mother. By the end of March I plan to have the questions above answered. Through the beginning of April I will complete the analysis portion of my project with my findings on the ideas section. Any last minute in-person filming or recording will be done over Easter weekend. I will put my findings together throughout the month of April and make it presentable.


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