Manipulating media

This weeks blog I wanted to talk about how online websites sometimes manipulate some videos and make them seem different then how they were first recorded. I wanted to talk about this because recently viewed a video on a website that was called “cops plant drugs on man and arrest him”. In this video you watch from a police car camera what seems to be two police officer planting drugs in a mans pockets and then arresting the man. After seeing this I want to see if there were any people out there that responded to this particular video saying whether it was real or not. To my surprise I came across a news website with what seemed to be the same video except there was another two minutes add to the video. After watching this video I was able to see what had actually happened in the situation. What had actually happened was the officers pulled the man over and took him out of the car and searched him for drugs. They initially found the drugs,took them from the man, and then put the drugs back in his pocket and put him under arrest. At this point I realized that the original video was cut down so that all the viewer would see is the police officers placing the drugs in the mans pockets. After viewing the videos it made me really that any media on the Internet can be changed and manipulated in any way. In this situation the first website that I watched the video on made the viewer want to believe that the police officers had actually planted drugs on the man so that they can arrest him. Luckily I was able to find the original video and see the truth behind the situation. This shows how easily the video was changed to make it as though the officers were the bad guys in what was going on, when in fact they were just doing their job.


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