On The Media


Who knew that snapping twigs or crumpling cups were actually behind the sounds of someone’s bone breaking or head being stomped?  I always knew that the violence happening on screen wasn’t real, I just failed to pay much attention to how accurate each sound being depicted was. Often times I get so overwhelmed by the film I do what Senior Editor Daniel describes as just reacting. While watching a horror movie I do not think or want to know whether the sound of someone’s foot being sawn off is actual. I am so concentrated on how gruesome  it looks that the sound is the last thing I want to hear. After listening to this topic I am very curious to watch and pay close attention to the sounds of violence in movie and compare it to noises I am already familiar with.

Another topic on this week’s episode of On the Media pertained to the end of anonymous commenting. Arvind Narayanna uses algorithm’s to analyze and identify anonymous authors on the Internet. This topic almost verifies my belief that you cannot do anything on the Internet without someone being able to track you down. Although Narayanan speaks of how people can cheat the system and change their writing style to mimic others, I still hold on to my idea that one can never really be anonymous online.


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