Semester Project: Healthy and Cultural in NYC…. on a budget!

I was made in New York City. No, seriously—my parents were living in the ‘Big Apple’ when my mom got pregnant. Although I was born in São Paulo, Brazil, I love the fact that I was made in NY. And ever since I can remember, my parents’ love for the city has been inside of me, so strong it’s hard to put into words. The city’s openness to cultures, to diversity, to new ideas, thoughts, and styles absolutely fascinate me. It may sound cliché, but there really isn’t anything like it. My mom always says: “some say it’s a city of lonely people, but it’s the city where lonely people come together.”

As a student in Manhattanville, a school fairly close to the city, I have noticed that a lot of my peers don’t take advantage of the city. Maybe some simply don’t identify with it. But, at the end of the day, many don’t go because it is an extremely expensive city.

For my semester project, I want to combine my admiration for the city with my passion for two things: living a healthy lifestyle and the arts. Therefore, I will have a blog that will be updated two times a week about being healthy and cultural in NY on a budget. Ideas for dining, going to exhibitions, festivals, among many other examples, will be offered. Essentially, I am making a blog that I feel needs to exist. There are so many ways that students can enjoy NY to the fullest without spending a lot of money, and my job will be to show them how to do so.

My goal with this project is to generate interest in students, especially from Manhattanville, to make the best out of their time here, with a city like this so close to them. I want students to truly take in what the city has to offer without creating a dent in their bank accounts! 


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