Semester Project Proposal

For my semester project I am going to analyze television police dramas.  Programming which has become very popular in the United States over the last twenty years.  I am going to examine the language that is used on the shows, the actors’ characteristics and traits, and the themes and under-lying messages of each show.  I will pay close attention to the commercials that play in between the shows’ air times.  I’ll examine the types of commercials that play to see what their connection is to the TV shows and look for correlations between the commercials and the televised programs.  I’ll pay attention to the types of commercials that play, what products are advertised and if they relate to the shows’ content.  The television police dramas that I am going to analyze are TNT’s Southland, re-runs of Law & Order and NBC’s Law & Order: SVU


One thought on “Semester Project Proposal

  1. I mentioned this on Melissa’s proposal as well, but it seems this *might* make a better research paper than semester project. If you choose to do it as a semester project, you need to let me know a bit about methodology – how you present and analyze the data? Also, I’d recommend you read a bit of Gerbner; I can give you an essay or two if you’d like.

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