Mobile Devices being issued to U.S Officials

The article I chose to write about was entitled “U.S. government, military to get secure Android phones” and is feature on CNN’s website. According to this article, “Some U.S. officials this year are expected to get smart phones capable of handling classified government documents over cellular networks”. This secret project has been ongoing and is funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency According to Michael McCarthy, a director for the Army’s Brigade Modernization Command, the army has been testing touchscreen devices at army bases for nearly two years however currently U.S government officials are not allowed to use such devices because they have not met security certifications.

If all goes well, the army will first be using these mobile devices capable of sending and receiving government files. The article also states that 40 phones were sent to U.S soldiers abroad and by March, 50 more phones and 75 tablets are expected to be shipped overseas. The mobile devices will first be sent to U.S soldiers, followed by the federal government. Despite the improvement in technology and communication between officials that these mobile devices will give way to, officials “worry that hackers or rogue apps could tap into the commercial version of Android and spill state secrets to foreign governments or to the Web through a publisher such as WikiLeaks.” In addition to this Government officials are working on how to secure voice calls. However, despite the possible threats from using these devices, with secure smartphones, soldiers would be able to do such things as locate fellow infantry on a digital map. Smart phones that are capable of storing high-level classified information that would “compromise national security if intercepted” are expected to be ready in the next few months according to developers in the Government program. Within the next few months, more will be exposed as the government works on eliminating any threats that will expose top secret information.


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