Anonymity on the Internet; Why Did I Think I Was Safe?

A photo app that vacuums up all of your personal photos on to a major server. A database that has collected and recorded your private contacts. Hulu, a video streaming site that tracks where you go online. And Facebook wrote the bible to opening up privatized, digitalized media. Did any of us know this was happening, or was I living under a rock? Last week,  President Obama began to work with his administration on outlining the principles of what “unfair business practice is” and what consumer information is allowed to KEEP PRIVATE. Self regulation should not be a luxury to media users, we as the consumer, should have the right to privacy; BECAUSE IT’S OURS! On the Media describes that anonymity remains to be a hot topic amongst new media users. In one case an experiment was conducted where researchers collected various blog posts of users and were able to identify the blogger based on his/her writing style and blogging tendencies. With this ability, I’ve come to realize the internet, especially that as described as entities of new media, including participatory journalists, bloggers/vloggers, and social networking enthusiasts, I wonder just what “is” private these days; further more, im scared to think about it altogether.


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