A User Generated Video That’ll Change the World (…or hope to)

I don’t know if you’ve all watched this video yet, or even heard of the movement KONY2012. Over the past couple of days, this phrase has been hashtagged on Twitter, shared on Facebook, uploaded on Youtube, posted on blogs; it is a user-generated message “by the people, for the people”. An organization called TRI has created a foundation called “Invisible Children” which has been around for several years is a foundation to both save, educate, and END war in Uganda and the abduction, raping, and killing of Ugandan children. The Ugandan authoritarian, Joseph Kony, is responsible for international chaos and mass slaughter. This video that has been created and the incorporation of mass media, and social networking has boosted this program, this awareness, the need to help children. While I have known about the “Invisible Children” organization for some time, I didn’t know its history, and until watching this video, it is know that I feel motivated to spread the word, to educate, and to help. Please watch, it’s absolutely worth your time; and then, please share this video, and share the message. #KONY2012 #InvisibleChildren #TRI


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