The Wisdom of Crowds – Schedule of Presentations

Here is the list of chapters forThe Wisdom of Crowds, with corresponding dates:

Introduction—Waynika Wint

Chapter 1: The Wisdom of Crowds—Alyssa Munro

Chapter 2: The Difference Difference Makes—Marina Adese

Chapter 3: Monkey See, Monkey Do—Tamer Rasamny

Chapter 4: Putting the Pieces Together—Paul Masbad

Chapter 5: Shall We Dance?—Mia Alicata

Chapter 6: Society Does Exist—Francesca Savella

Chapter 7: Traffic—Christina DiGrandi

Chapter 8: Science—Melissa Goncalves

Chapter 9: Committees, Juries, and Teams—Dominic Pitasi

Chapter 10: The Company—Sarah Camarata

Chapter 11: Markets—Cameron Graham

Chapter 12: Democracy—Kyle Evans

Afterword—John Bucci

Modern Surowiecki articles—Sarah Nisbeth

I will fill in students’ names as the chapters are requested by email, starting on Thursday, March 8.


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