Found This Tragic Story On Facebook…

Just another example of the power of social media in sharing stories internationally to raise concern for laws, practices, and ways of life around the world. The last few sentences of the article explain that this article has been widely shared on Twitter and Facebook; yet another case of journalism being in the hands of the citizen and sharing the story as he or she sees fit to do it. Please read the article, its short, and certainly an eyebrow raiser. 


One thought on “Found This Tragic Story On Facebook…

  1. Wow-The above article is definitely an eyebrow raiser. Who would have known laws like this exist outside of our own culture? It almost seems unimaginable, especially since I am unable to grasp the reason to why marrying your rapist would be among the best solutions to such problems. It is great that social media sites hold power to connect and raise awareness of absurdities that go on around the world. If they didn’t I am sure most of us would remain ignorant to the problems other people face on a regular basis.

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