Semester Project: Update 3/21

Yesterday Sarah Cam and I met to further discuss our project and our initial set up to prepare interview questions and also decide of the format we’d be using to generate a concept of “Who’s Who at manhattanville” Our overarching goal is to define why our campus is logistically diverse, but in truth a very clique, segregated campus. Our goal is to show and encourage students is realizing that members of manhattanville are more alike than many are willing to learn.

Along with the collage video Sarah described in class we will be taking generic information for interviewed students and creating “mock baseball” cards with students’ names and statistics that emulate the idea of “Collecting Diversity, Learning About Others”. What we plan on highlighting amoung every interview with students is the following: I am Manhattanville. I am a Global Citizen. I am a Valiant.

Interview Questions:

1. What does diversity meant to you?

2.Do you believe manhattanville is diverse? Why or Why not?

3. Do you find it is hard to be you at Manhattanville? Have you “altered” yourself (hobbies, style, speech, ideas) inorder to “fit” in at Manhattanville?

4. What are your hesitations over getting to know othr poeple on campus?

5. What steps does the manhattanville campus need to take for ourcommunity to actually represent diversersity?

Our first Interview is on Thursday afternoon with a student named Easton.


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