The Research Paper

For this paper you should do the following things:

  • Pick an issue or topic that you don’t feel is covered sufficiently by mainstream media, or that you can provide a different perspective on.
  • Explore through extensive research how this topic is covered through non-mainstream convergent media, making sure to thoroughly cover all media, i.e., print, audio, video, digital, and as many combinations thereof you can find.
  • Draw some conclusions about media coverage of your topic, especially in the realm of class discussions and readings. Can it only be represented by divergent voices? Do you see it ever entering the mainstream?
  • Document all of your sources, including all links, in MLA format.
  • Turn in your final draft in Print (paper) form, but have a digital copy prepared for possible archiving (I’ll explain this further in class).

This assignment should be approximately 14-15 double-spaced pages, or 3,500-4,000 words.


Thursday, 3/29 – Have your research topic approved by me

Thursday, 4/5 – Have a working bibliography prepared for class

Thursday, 4/19 – In-class presentation and discussion of your work so far – you should be at least halfway done by this time

Thursday, 5/3 – PAPERS DUE

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