Crazy Laws..

Have you ever heard of a law that is trying to get passed, that is the most obscene ridiculous idea ever? Well I have. A law along the lines of this apparently new found idea that women shouldn’t have contraception, or many rights at that. Which I guess could sound totally obscure and feminist, but in my opinion this is the direction I feel the republican party is heading towards.


Last week when I was fooling around and going through the homepage on Facebook, my cousin’s status caught my eye. It said something to the effect of “I can’t believe this..”, and proceeded to have a link to a news story about Arizona is attempting to pass a law about the use of contraception. If an employer would like, they will be allowed to check the medical history of female employees, and see why they use birth control. If birth control is used for contraceptive reasons, they are allowed to fire said employee. Now sometimes you see these news stories, and they can end up being rumors, or false information, so for now we’ll go with the thought that this was 100% accurate information, and ideas. I don’t really know for sure whether or not this law is being put up for debate since I have not heard of the story else where.


Anyways, first of all this is completely ridiculous. I don’t understand how it is even legally possible- for an employer to read or pry into the medical history of an employee. Why or how under any circumstances is this acceptable. And for that matter, why does it matter what an employee is doing what their sex lives. Per say, I guess this is technically the issue. Why does it matter if this employee has an active sex life or not, and would like to protect themselves from pregnancy. If an employee is able to have a stellar work performance, and this becomes an issue, I think this is a much bigger problem to relate to.


Second of all, I don’t understand this sudden downfall in women’s rights. The republican party  apparently finds it acceptable to make laws that have been in effect for years a current issue. There are so many other things our government could be worrying about. And above all, after reading an article by ABC news which stated “Within weeks of hitting the U.S. market in 1998, more than half of Viagra prescriptions received health insurance coverage”. Why is okay for men to use Viagra, which is a drug for the sole purpose of sex, but it is not okay for women to use birth control, which can be used for contraception, but has many other uses as well.  I am completely dumb founded at what the republican party is turning into, and I guess my thoughts are kind of all over the place, but this whole story caught me completely off guard. I am honestly unsure of WHAT to think.


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