I feel like I can’t trust anything anymore

I know people have their opinions and VERY strong opinions about this case, but I decided to write something about it not to offend anyone but to clear up that I legitimately feel I cannot trust anything I hear, see or read anymore. I might as well just sit in my room and live in a bubble for the rest of my whole life.

This is a picture I came across on facebook and I couldn’t help but relate it to the KONY campaign. They keep referring to Trayvon as a “little black boy,” and showing all these pictures of him. When I first saw the story on the NEWS I thought this older man killed a 7 year old boy. The pictures they’ve shown are SO outdated!  The boy in this picture however, doesn’t look like a boy, he looks like a man, or one who was about to become one. So what concerns me is everyone was so furious with this “older racist man” killing a “little black boy” so does seeing this picture change everyones views? You bet it does. My newsfeed changed so fast from RIP Trayvon, to pictures and words like “there are always three sides to every story.”

Unfortunately I think this case is just like the KONY situation. People are mal-informed and are willing to jump on the side of any case they want to jump on if the masses believe it as well (Wisdom of Crowds, or lack of wisdom). Whatever happened to innocent until proven guilty? Obviously it is a horrible act that was committed, someone was killed. The way the media covers this is disgusting. I was at the deli this morning and I saw the front page cover accusing Al Sharpton of “racially dividing a nation.” Which in my opinion is exactly what is happening. They are automatically assuming if Trayvon was white, the killer would have been arrested immediately. Okay, maybe there have been instances in the past where that is true but who is to say that would happen in this case?

Americans have a habit of only listening to what the media has to say about a situation and because of the KONY video’s backlash I am now more inclined to do some background research on what I hear, read, and see.

I read these articles: http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/03/27/police-zimmerman-story-is-consistent-with-evidence-in-trayvon-martin-shooting/


Trayvon was 17, not 10 or 12 like the pictures made me believe. A 10 0r 12 year old is pretty helpless, but I’ve met some 17 year olds who can certainly hold their own in difficult situations, so it is likely like Trayvon could have attacked Zimmerman, I mean wouldn’t you also attack someone who was following you at night (or at least be afraid enough to do something)? The voices on the recording are UNCLEAR, not Trayvons like the media wanted everyone to believe and Zimmerman was neighborhood watch, so that’s why he followed him Trayvon through the neighborhood. Thats what he volunteered to do, PROTECT, now if Trayvon was being sketchy, thats also unclear, but someone walking around your “gated community” at late hours of the night could look sketchy as well, BLACK OR WHITE. Of course, I can’t take the fact that someone was killed, but were any of us there? How do we know what happened?


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