Someone Tell Me This Man Is Kidding...

Lately Facebook has been a stomping ground for controversial photos. My last post ignited a fire regarding citizen journalism carrying the word of the Trayvon Martin killing and this latest Facebook photo is of Republican Presidential candidate Rick Santorum mustering up some more bull**it about how he plans to ban pornography, especially gay porn which apparently promotes what Santorum calls the “deathstyle”.

I don’t have anything too academic to add to this post other then, this guy has GOT TO BE KIDDING ME… where the heck did he come up with the definition “deathstyle”?! It’s people like Santorum, who is more preoccupied with banning being gay (an individual decision) than tackaling problems that are actually plaguing the US that makes politics in this country just plain stink. This photo and quote gives me a headache.

Again, this is another example of citizen journalism; the people sharing ideas through the eyes and personal perceptions of others. While m feelings towards Santorum are sour, it is up to the collective crowd to offer their own perception to an issue.


Someone Tell Me This Man Is Kidding…

5 thoughts on “Someone Tell Me This Man Is Kidding…

  1. Where did this image come from? I’m trying to find out where and when this quote came from and though I wouldn’t be surprise if he said this I can’t verify it either. It’s one thing I don’t like about these kind of photo quotes is that people start spreading them around and sometimes they turn out to be false and I wonder were they originated.

  2. This is fake. Look at the watermark on the bottom right corner. It’s from a parodical facebook group. While he’s clearly a terrible person, this isn’t the way to go about showing it.

  3. He didn’t say these things. He says enough crazy things without us having to make up anything. Let’s stick to the truth. That’s what wins in the long run.

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