21st century mediation?



Legs/ Brain
Human Contact/ Culture
Who to Love/ Ideals, Morals, Honesty
God/ It's important to show you what life is all about from an early age, right?


I found this cartoon on a Brazilian website, and although it is in Portuguese I thought it was too perfect to not post, especially based on what we talk about every week. The translation is below the cartoon which, by the way, was done by famous cartoonist Quino, the author of the famous Mafalda series.

Have we come to a point where all our interactions and learning processes are mediated through something digital? To me, it is so hard to see a cartoon such as this that is so real and hits so close to home but at the same time is so unbearably sad. What have we come to? The truth is all there. Money dictates how we live. We are trapped by money, by the media, by technology. What is left?

Wow, this is starting to sound like a really depressing blogpost. But it really did trigger in me a chain of reflections about how we, as a society, live. I really hope that, at least in terms of technology, our dependency on it will someday lessen. Who knows. As for now, we can get a laugh from this cartoon!


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