Research Paper Proposal

So for my research paper, I plan on exploring our culture’s obsession with celebrities. I want to discuss extreme celebrity worship and fandom, and what is considered “normal” celebrity fandom.  Questions I would like to pose and maybe even answer are;

  • Why are we so obsessed with the lives of celebrities?
  • What needs do knowing about celebrity lives fulfill for us?
  • How can liking a celebrity turn into worship?
  • Are certain types of celebrities more prone to extreme worship?

These are some initial questions and ideas for my topic.  Hopefully, while exploring different aspects of celebrity worship, I may come across some in depth examples of worship in its most extreme case.  I also would like to discuss certain celebrities in four categories; sports, movies, music, and reality television.  My reasoning for these categories is to possibly shed light on the range of reasons people become obsessed with celebrities.  Even though the lives of celebrities is discussed at great length in the media, I feel what is not discussed enough is why we care about them in the first place.  This is what I hope to discover through my research.


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