Tweets From Beyond


            Dead Really? So I die, and before I die I make a series of Facebook messages and tweets to be let out once I’m dead?  I cannot even believe this is real.  Listening to this week’s On The Media story about Dead, a media site that allows you to “communicate” after you’re death, made me actually laugh out loud.  So right now I’m picturing someone sitting at home, bored…and then deciding to update the messages they want to send out to family and friends once their dead.  Why would anyone who is still alive and with us want to write messages to people when they’re dead?  I mean I understand people wanting to be prepared but really, this is too much. 

            Whatever happened to living life to the fullest and enjoying everyday?  Or living with no regrets and actually telling people what you want to when you are still living?  In my opinion, I would never want to become a part of this, and I would never want to receive a message from my dead friend, family member, or anyone.  Another aspect of Dead that caused a chuckle was the way they determine if a user has actually died.  So if I am an active Facebook user and haven’t logged in for a month or two, just assume I died.  I mean really people?  Maybe I found something better to do than stalk Facebook for a month.  Maybe I’m on vacation, or busy, or doing anything else a living person does. 

            In a more serious light, this actually makes me worry.  Do we feel we really need to be connected at all times, even in death?  It is one thing to want to be bound to our phones and electronic devices in life, but I can’t imagine anyone would feel comfort by receiving a tweet from the deceased. 


One thought on “Tweets From Beyond

  1. Christina, I could not agree more. I mean, the fact that Dead or whatever it is, is real, actually makes me sick to my stomach. What is it that someone could write on this site that would actually be of interest to others after death? Like for example, if someone I was closed to passed away, I think it would hurt more to read something they wrote, before they planned to die. I mean in ways it’s like a suicide note, and that’s just plain weird.

    The fact that being away for a certain period of time sparks whether you’re still alive or not is also “interesting”. (Interesting is honestly the only word that I think can describe this debauchery) Like you said, people have other sh*t to do than long onto Facebook 24/7. I mean people besides me have lies. And I do chuckle at the fact that, if I was away from Facebook for a month there probably would be a “serious” issue, but this idea of always being connected is becoming more and more creepy.

    From the 90’s to today these ideas of security becoming stronger make people feel better on the internet with privacy settings and what not. But the idea of connectivity is becoming stronger at a more rapid pace. It’s as if no one in society can escape everyone else.

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