On the Media-Trayvon Martin


I am sure you are all familiar with the Trayvon Martin case. This weeks On the Media episode focused on the reason to why a case such as this did not become ubiquitous until this past week. Trymaine Lee, a journalist from Huffington Post states and I agree, that this situation deals with complications of racist stereotype. Unfortunately on it’s surface many local television reporters put this case in the category of just another killing. Not until the basic details arose did this case start to become so shocking.


It’s sad to see that ONLY 3 black journalist dedicated their time to make sure this story got national attention while in any other case many would have jumped on the band wagon. Trymaine concludes the story by stating that many black males see a little piece of themselves in Trayvon; I couldn’t agree any more. The reality of the situation is that the color of your skin will always play a crucial role on how others view you.


2 thoughts on “On the Media-Trayvon Martin

  1. While I understand that this movement seemingly was based on idea of racial
    Discrimination, I don’t understand how this can be when George Zimmerman the shooter is Hispanic; a race and culture who is also discriminated against in the media and in society. I think that at the end of The day both players in thus case, both Martin and Zimmerman have been racially profiled. Just looking at photos posted by the media alone, there doesn’t seem tO be one character worse portrayed than the other. I think what the public needs to do is look past the color of skin of these two men and actually piece together the puzzle of crime and harradement involved in this story. If Martin did in fact assault Zimmerman as witnesses in the case claimed than the question should be to Zimmerman why did you go to the lengths to protect yourself and shoot this young man? The question should revolve arou d whether of not he was black. All in all, I think this is such a complex case; so many twists and turns and I blame the media for making these
    Two men “characters” instead of “individuals”.

  2. While you say the shooter was Hispanic-does that mean other minorities cannot discriminate against each other? How can you look past the color of skin when it is such a big issue in many cases? Lets not sugar coat it here you are first looked at by the color of your skin especially if you are black. You might not do it but many others do.

    What is so complex about this case is why it took so long for it to surface and only three black journalists at the Huffington Post worked hard for that to happen. Not only that, it’s the matter of the fact that Zimmerman walked away like he simply stole candy from a store. No drug or alcohol testing NO background check, nothing.

    But I agree, the public needs to piece together puzzle of the crime and harassment involved in the story.

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