Another Post On Trayvon Martin..

So besides my other post about models this week, my interest was definitely sparked in class over the Trayvon Martin case discussion. I think this case is very interesting. One thing that I found completely mind boggling, I guess you could say, is the pictures Melissa showed in class. Now I am personally not that familiar with the end of the case, or the new evidence that is emerging, but I am aware of the premise. Now I think it’s crazy the pictures we’ve seen of Trayvon in the media, and the picture Melissa posted. It’s honestly amazing to me how much the media is able to choose the person of a case as a “victim”. Now you’re probably thinking, “theres always a victim?”, but in this case, I don’t believe it’s so concise or should I say black and white. I mean yes a young boy was shot and killed, never something that should be the case, but the murdered allegedly walked away with a broken nose from this “victim”, and in a state that strongly believes in the stand your ground law. So I guess, the point of my blog, besides discussing whether the pictures truly show the character of the people involved is that I don’t think blame can entirely be placed on either person involved in the case. I’m sure there are plenty of alleged ideas about what happened that day. First, the classic innocent child ploy; Trayvon was walking down the street minding his own business, and a white,hispanic man came up behind and shot him dead for apparently no reason other than “being in his neighborhood”. Second, the not-so-innocent boy, actually beats up Zimmerman, and George shoots him in self-defense. Now what’s wrong with both of these stories is a young kid is dead and shot, without a single conviction for Zimmerman. But I think the ultimate issue is this Stand Your Ground Law. I think its honestly despicable that this is even a law. How can they make this possible? This is a perfect example as to why this is an issue. Now Zimmerman is saying it’s self-defense, but if you listen to any of the police tapes, when Zimmerman calls in, you can clearly hear the policeman tell him not to shoot him. From the time this call is made, and the shot is fired, there is no evidence proving whether Trayvon attacked Zimmerman or not. There are about a billion and two flaws in the case, first that Zimmerman was never tested for drugs or alcohol, a drug detective was sent to the scene rather than a homicide detective, and I’m pretty in the autopsy none of the investigators even bothered to look at Trayvon’s body. Specifically his hands. If you are punching someone hard enough to break their nose, then there would be marks on his hands. But, guess what because of this law Zimmerman is free. And not only is he free, but this man has a history of violence. What could be next? Something in the state of Florida needs to change. I mean how can people even feel safe. Now all the facts in this blog are what I’ve heard from radio, or from our class discussion so if any are false I apologize, but from what I’ve gathered in hearing those different accounts of the case, I think, as I have said, the blame can truly go to the state of Florida for implementing a ridiculous law. Actually not for just implementing the law, but allowing such a lose trial of Zimmerman as well. If one man is able to use the Stand Your Ground law as his sole defense, how many others will start to as well?


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