Project Glass

My first instinct was why? Why do we really need this technology? But then I stepped back and realized we have to embrace new things, even if they seem bizarre for the time being. What if every single person refuted the idea of the telephone or the computer?

I think it’s pretty amazing that in 2012 there is a development like this. How often have I been in class, wanting to read my text messages, but not let the teacher notice my head in my bag reading a text? Pretty often.

If you watch the video, the technology can do so much. While walking to a bookstore to meet his friend (plans made on Project Glass) the man in the video sees a band he wants to remind himself to buy tickets for and a mural he wants to take a picture of. He can do all of this with voice cues to the technology hooked around his head. I so often want to get my head out of my phone and stop looking down. Some may argue that this is our phone and our head becoming one, but if you watch the video, the man is completely interested in interacting with the world around him, not focused in on his Blackberry or Iphone. I think the technology would actually help our phone obsessions. We can fully multitask with Project Glass.



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