On The Media-The First Cell Phone Call

Last week marked the anniversary of the first public cell phone. It’s crazy to realize that cellphones were commercially available only TEN years ago. Cellphones have evolved greatly through the last decade. We not only talk but also take pictures, video chat, check emails, and go on the Internet all with that little device. It’s even crazier to think how dependent people have become with it. It’s almost as if some cannot live without a cellphone—literally.
All in all, I want to extend a THANK YOU to the man who made the first public cellphone call and started it all, Martin Cooper.


One thought on “On The Media-The First Cell Phone Call

  1. Allyssa, I completely agree with you. For most people, myself included, I don’t know what I would do without my cell phone. In day-to-day life I never realize how much I rely on my phone. It wakes me up in the morning, reminds me when to hand in assignments, tells me the weather, helps me find restaurants, malls, movie theaters, etc. Of course, I don’t wake up in the morning and gasp in amazement that my phone woke me up on time; I expect it too. We have all become so used to this technology that we get very frustrated when it doesn’t work perfectly. We rely so heavily on our cell phones that it becomes a major inconvenience when they don’t work correctly. Meanwhile, back when the first cell phone call was made, it was a luxury, something new to play with. The shift from “shiny new toy” to “everyday staple” is truly amazing.
    Something that Martin Cooper said that intrigued me was when he discussed the good and bad of making the very first cell phone call years ago. It’s great that we have countless apps to help us in daily life, but it’s also become a great danger when used incorrectly such as texting and driving. I’m sure that Cooper never believed cell phones could aid in death. Yes, it is not the actual phone that is harmful, but the way we use it. The fact that people today absolutely NEED to be connected to their phones at every second is what makes cell phones dangerous. If people can’t put their phones down to drive, what other activities are going to be hindered and made more harmful because of our heavy cell phone usage?

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