The Right to have Health Insurance

As a young adult I value ObamaCare’s policy on health insurance for young adults under 26.  When you are a dependent on your parent(s)’s health insurance policy once you reach 18 you will only remain on the policy if you are a full-time student.  Not all high school graduates will choose to go straight to college and they may not be able to get a full-time job with health benefits at 18 years of age.  ObamaCare allows me to remain on my father’s health insurance policy after I graduate in May.  I and millions of other American college graduates will not have to worry about whether or not they are going to have health insurance after they graduate.

The economy is dwindling right now and the chances of getting a job with health insurance benefits right after graduation is not a guarantee.  Before ObamaCare I would have to pay for health insurance privately which is prohibitively expensive for a young adult with limited financial resources.  There are a slew of medical treatments that are not options for people without health insurance in the United States.  For example, nearly half of all Americans take prescriptions drugs to treat chronic medical conditions, a medical treatment that is unattainable without health insurance.  A very significant amount of young Americans take medication in order to be healthy and functional.  Prescription drug coverage has always been an issue in the United States as some Americans have gone through leaps and bounds to get their medicine such as crossing the border into Canada to afford their medication and elective medical procedures.

The Affordable Care Act requires that all Americans purchase health insurance if they don’t have health insurance benefits from their jobs.  A significant amount of Americans find this unconstitutional.  On the other hand the government is making companies provide their employees with health insurance benefits so that all Americans can have affordable health care.  Taxes have increased and they are forecasted to increase even more with this new policy.  The Affordable Care Act is expensive but very beneficial to our generation and I do not believe it is unconstitutional.


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