Semester Project Update

Hey everyone!

So as you can see I have started to play around with the blog templates.  I really want to make it look like a blog that has to do with media.  Unfortunately none of the themes available really have anything to do with media.  But, I will try to incorporate it in some way.  I also have started to categorize our blog entries. What I realized is that the program actually archives entries on its own by year.  Then, if I want to categorize it further I have to create categories.  What is bothersome is that in order for a blog having to do with someone’s semester project to become categorized under “Semester Projects 2012” when you write the entry you must click off the box to your right that says “Semester Projects 2012.”  Otherwise the post will just get filed under “Uncategorized.”  I am trying to come up with as many different categories as possible so that no one writes a post and has to wonder which category it would fall under.  I do wish it was automatic, as if the program could recognize the post has to do with a certain category, and then will list it under that category (this may be asking too much from wordpress, but it really would help).  Anyway, something I wanted to throw out to everyone has to do with any entries not having to do with our semester projects, research papers, or NPR’s On the Media.  For example, Paul’s recent post does not fall under any of these categorizes and I’m having a hard time coming up with a category name besides “Other.” So, any help in that department would be greatly appreciated.

I also just added an author grid that shows all our avatars. When you click the author it will direct you to all the posts made by that author.

For right now I am really focusing on getting all the entries categorized, as it is a long process.  I may come back to look at different theme options, but please feel free to throw out any suggestions.  After all, this blog is about all of us, and I really want to know why YOU want from it!


3 thoughts on “Semester Project Update

  1. It does look really, really good. Every time I open it I somehow have forgotten about the change and step back at its incredible change!
    As for the other categories, instead of putting “other” why not put something like “thoughts/ideas/responses”? Paul and Sarah C., for instance, have written more personal blogposts and those would be good to have a category. What do you think?

    • Thanks so much! I really am not blogger savy AT ALL haha I just play around with the settings to see what I can do. But thanks for your suggestion, I think that would work really well!

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