update on semester project

Ok, I just wanted to say first and foremost that this blog looks absolutely fantastic. Congrats, Christina! Really. Do you happen to offer some tips for those of us not so blog savvy? Haha.

Then, I’d like to invite you all to check out my semester project blog NYC For The Rest Of Us (Does anyone get the Seinfeld connotation or am I just a lonely Seinfeld geek? Festivus, anyone?). I want to ask you all to send me suggestions, tips, ideas, opinions, or any feedback for that matter is more than welcome! This week’s post is on yoga.



One thought on “update on semester project

  1. Marina I have to let you know, I am beyond obsessed with your blog, I wish it was an actual website that would continue after class because I would totally use it as my NYC guide. I am always, as many college students are, strapped for cash and have the hardest time just jumping on the train to the city, however, your blog totally motivates me to want to. I actually am planning a trip soon to the city and I’m going to use your blog as my guide!

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