Ashley Judd and her “puffy” face

Ashley Judd, well-known Hollywood actress from an also famous family, was attacked by numerous media venues last week after appearing with a “puffy face”. Tired of scrutiny, of judgments, of this enormous obsession our society has with how women should look and especially with how celebrity females should look, Judd spoke out. And I love her for it.

The “puffy face” meant one of two things. Either she had plastic surgery and looks bad or she looks “too good” and had work done. Whichever was the criticism, Judd wrote an article on the Daily Beast speaking of this objectification and hyper-sexualization of women. What have we come to that women are so observed and ridiculed if they don’t fit a certain stereotype? She explains that we, women and men, have internalized these patriarchal feelings and beliefs. It has to end.

The truth is, she was sick and needed steroids. My mother is going through the exact same issue (the “puffy face” because of health concerns) and doesn’t feel like herself. Therefore, this entire matter became even more personal to me.

Even if she did gain some pounds or did have some plastic surgery done, why does it matter? Why should we scrutinize so much?

Please read her article and watch this quick 2-minute video. You will not be disappointed!


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