The first cell phone…

I found “The First Cell Phone Call”, really interesting. Looking at it so many years later, with so many advancements in technology later is the crazy part. We have come so far in cell phones, especially from the standpoint of the first call. Cell phones are now people’s life lines, and to imagine life without them would be insane. Thinking back to a time when it was insane to have them just sparked my interest. I could not imagine not having a cell phone. I am, for some odd reason, the worst cell phone carrier ever. I break almost every phone I own, drop it in water, or lose it. I have a hard time grasping the concept of keeping something safe I suppose. But even though I have this problem I still love my phone. I have gone a week without a phone before, due to waiting for new ones to come in after breaking one, and that was probably the hardest week ever. It was hard contacting people and doing many other things you may not even realize, taking down notes, finding people’s number, having an alarm to wake up in the morning and the list goes on. In a way I think it would be interesting to have a national day when no cell phones worked and see how people reacted to this, and what people would do. If no one had a cell phone, I think some people may actually go crazy. My mom always talk about what it was like not having a cell phone because she grew up in an age when they weren’t around yet, or at least popular. She even admits that cell phones have become a crucial part of technology in society.


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