Are school’s failing?

Are schools really failing? Underfunding, Inadequate teachers, and over-crowding; I hear about it all the time. It makes me wonder how many other people invest so much money into a place for more than half of their lives just for it to fail.

Surprisingly it’s not as bad as many think it is. At least that’s what Paul Fary claims. Although the phrase “failing schools” appeared more than five hundred times in news articles in one month this year alone, Paul states the media simply loves the term. American education is actually getting better as a whole: more people are going to college, higher SAT scores, and lower dropout rates.

The fundamental mistake the media makes is continuing to use the phrase of “failing schools”. The phrase was locked into the public discourse by the passage and enactment of No Child Left Behind. It enables policitians to declare a school  as failing. Politicians run on the basis of “fixing” these said failing schools.

In reality, part of the reason why some children are unprepared is actually due to reasons outside of the education system such as poverty issues, learning deficits, eyesight/hearing/mental illness.

It’s interesting to see the media (once again) shaping an “issue” to look a certain way.


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