How is a site like even ok?! I am still failing to understand that even with it being protected under the Decency Act, how it is still right to keep up. But then again, in this day in age what does being right matter anymore?

It doesn’t seem to faze the creator of this amateur pornography and social networking site, Hunter Moore. Moore believes that the people taking these naked photos are only hurting themselves; he is just making a profit off of it. He really doesn’t seem to care too much that the photos being submitted are without the person’s consistent or that it is done out of pure vengeance.

Although I think this site is plain wrong, to an extent I can understand what he is saying. People especially young ones fail to realize that once you take a photograph of yourself and send it out to anyone or anything, it is no longer yours. People like Hunter have no shame when managing sites like this. They are only in it for money and entertainment given to them by no one else but us.


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