Update on Semester Project

So I had been doing a lot of research on how to record the audio and video of a Skype or FaceTime call. I downloaded “LineIn” and “Sunflower”. These applications are responsible for recording the voice and audio. The instructions online wanted me to download these applications and go through GarageBand to change the input and output settings. Basically, I was extremely confused while worrying I was downloading a virus onto my lap top. Eventually, I just decided to do some audio recordings. The audio is clear and this way I can display more pictures in my project from mine and my sister’s childhoods. I was disappointed I couldn’t get both the audio and video working. I liked seeing how comfortable my sister and I looked on Skype, just talking a laughing with one another, but the audio is still effective. My sister’s answers were pretty lengthy so now I have to work on editing them down to fit in the video.

I am recording my mom early this week. I am expecting the technology set up (and reminding her to hold the Ipad up in front of her face) tougher than with my sister.

One thing that I had been having trouble deciding on was how to record my own thoughts. I didn’t want to record my audio and video speaking directly to the camera in my project. I thought it would be weird to be standing next to the projector screen in class while I was talking to the class on the screen. Instead, my sister and I had more of a conversation than a “question and answer” portion. I may even do this with my mom, too, because I liked the idea of me and my sister playing off of each other and reacting to one another.


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