Semester Review for Final

I thought I’d try to compile a few posts as I develop the final this week. Here are my early class lectures, most of which have audio:

Alternative & Activist Media – Introduction, and New Media: A Critical Introduction, Part 1.1-1.2

New Media: A Critical Introduction – Part 1.3-1.6

Alternative & Activist Media – Commons Knowledge

Also of course, read back over the chapters from Alternative & Activist Media on Participatory Journalism and Mediated Mobilization.

As for The Wisdom of Crowds, here are the presentation summaries by chapter (If it’s not linked, the studetn still needs to post the chapter):

Introduction—Waynika Wint

Chapter 1: The Wisdom of Crowds—Alyssa Munro

Chapter 2: The Difference Difference Makes—Marina Adese

Chapter 3: Monkey See, Monkey Do—Tamer Rasamny

Chapter 4: Putting the Pieces Together—Paul Masbad

Chapter 5: Shall We Dance?—Mia Alicata

Chapter 6: Society Does Exist—Francesca Savella

Chapter 7: Traffic—Christina DiGrandi

Chapter 8: Science—Melissa Goncalves

Chapter 9: Committees, Juries, and Teams—Dominic Pitasi

Chapter 10: The Company—Sarah Camarata

Chapter 11: Markets—Cameron Graham

Chapter 12: Democracy—Kyle Evans

Afterword—John Bucci

Modern Surowiecki articles—Sarah Nisbeth

Oh, and I thought I’d include Christna’s interesting post on House and the Wisdom of Crowds as well.


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