Writing for Quality or Quantity?

“How well written does it need to be for 99 cents?”

-Matthew Ingram

This quote from On The Media’s podcast this week sent a shiver down my spine.  Matthew Ingram, a senior writer for GigaOm, discussed the issues of book costs and the Amazon issue.  What I got from Ingram’s segment was that by writing short, not so well written books, and selling them on a Kindle for 99 cents is better than increasing book prices.

Before going any further, I will admit I am not a Kindle, Nook or any other type of ebook owner.  Personally, I enjoy the smell of books, (strange as that may sound since they usually stink) and being able to physically touch each page.  To me, the convenience of Kindles or other ebooks are not worth what they are taking away from the readers–the physical act of holding a book in front of your face.

Anyway, when Ingram made the above statement, it sent my mind in a whirlwind.  Are more people publishing books that will never be the new Pride and Prejudice classic but will be cheap and easily accessible? In my opinion, I would rather spend more on a well written physical book, than get myself a crappy e-version for 99 cents.  It also makes me wonder what is going to happen to the book industry because of all these media advances.  Are physical books going to stop being an option? Will we only be able to download audio books on our iPods?  I am all for the conveniences that new media provides, but take away my smelly, heavy, well written books, and new media and I may have a problem.


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