An extremely sarcastic post about room selection and why I hate everyone. LOL

Okay so basically I know this has nothing to do with anything I just felt like posting a blog ranting about this weeks events: Room Selection.

I will start off by saying that I hate how this “institution” randomizes lottery numbers. Not to get all annoying with numbers on anyone, but I pay a pretty penny like most, or NOT like most students that go here.. so why is it that I get number 257, when everyone else who pays about $2,000 gets number 6. (for the record I don’t know anyone who got number 6, I’m just ranting.)

Basically if I had no friends at this school 257 would get me a dingle in founders my senior year.. I’d be paying full tuition for a dingle in founders? No thank you, I’d call the health department for my unsafe living conditions or get an apartment in White Plains and still save $8,000.

No it’s not anyones fault that I pay so much to go here but they should certainly figure something else out so that its COMPLETELY random, not based on your cumulative GPA. (sorry for partying freshmen year, those memories will last a lifetime).

But moving on, the whole point of this rant was what I discovered in the end:

1. If you ever want to see if a friend of yours is a true friend, then have them participate in Manhattanville College’s room selection and I’m almost 1,000% sure you will see their true colors.

2. I spent SO much time worrying about everyone else and making sure everyone else had a rooming arrangement that I ended up not having one that worked in my favor. And when I was struggling to find a place, they didn’t care. However, people will try to tell you to be selfish and do what’s best for yourself, and although thats true, don’t screw over your friends in the process, because you will be the one who has to face them in the end. Even thought I spent about a month with high anxiety and stress problems I won’t take back all the effort I put in to my friends living arrangements. Because thats who I am, a good friend.


Not only do people lose friends during room selection but they make them as well. I consider myself blessed my sophomore year to have been included in a suite with my 3 best friends and 2 girls I did not even know. Although one of my friends ended being a complete psychopath the other 4 friends I made are life long. Again, as a Junior I was lucky to find two amazing girls that I pulled into a suite with my 4 friends. However this year, I started to see the true colors of people I always respected and would have done anything for. It made me crazy to see “friends” that I had trusted turn their back on me and try to make me suffer in the end all because of their selfishness.


** After crying hysterically to my FEW true friends at this school I realized something that I just wanted to remind anyone else who is stressing.

– In the end everything will always work out. It may not always work out in your favor but everything that’s meant to be will find its way.

– There is only 7 class days left… and Quad Jam is on saturday so it’s time to relax and enjoy the time you have with the people that actually matter!


One thought on “An extremely sarcastic post about room selection and why I hate everyone. LOL

  1. Melissa, as a commuter, I can happily say that I have no idea what you are talking about, but by the looks of your rant (which I happened to find hilarious) I can feel your pain, especially in the friendship department. It really is true that if you have 1 best friend your whole life, you are luckier than most. I, like you, was unselfish and did everything for my friends only to get stabbed in the back. So, I totally feel your pain. I have learned that sometimes you deserve to be a little selfish.

    Now go get a mani/pedi and relax yourself!!

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