Should I even bring up the Kony thing again?

Seeing as 5 days ago we were supposed to “paint the town” with KONY posters and apparently, as you can tell from looking around campus no one did, I decided to bring up the Kony situation again since listening to the March 16 podcast. (yes I know, really late). According to this podcast Invisible children has reminded us that there is an appetite out there in the world.. but what appetite is this? According to the speaker Nicholas Cristof, the appetite we have is to attract ourselves to a central character. He mentioned the apartheid and when the slogan was to free the prisoners no body joined the movement but when he changed the slogan to Free Mendela, everyone seemed to be curious about the cause. I find this interesting because in Russells case, the creator of the KONY video, he took the lead as the public figure for the cause. When he had his outburst of craziness people didn’t think oh ignore that the cause is still important, they associated him as the cause and because he went nuts, nobody had faith in the KONY campaign. This could also be linked to the fact that many people don’t check their facts before making judgements on a case and they do not look into the background information before claiming to know everything.

No matter what the issue was with the Invisible Children foundation what they did actually worked. Although it help unearth the simple fact that Americans do not do their own research, for a short amount of time the Kony Campaign helped American unite against a cause and actually try and take action.


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