The E-book? no…

The whole discussion of Amazon and book sales gives me a headache. Christina said it best in her last post. I am not an e-book reader nor do I think I ever will be. Along with her, I love the smell of books, and as stupid as it sounds the flipping of a page (not the sliding of one.) It does make me nervous to think what will happen to the book industry if things keep going in this direction. I have a 7 year old cousin that owns a nook and he reads all of MY childhood favorites on it. Nothing beats a child reading as actual book, my cousin spends his entire day on his nook. Which would be great, if he were always reading. Most of the times he’s playing games and doing things he would probably be better off not doing.

Reading Christina’s post really got me thinking. What will my future child’s generation have as a well known piece of literature? Is Twilight all we have to show for ourselves?


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