NPR-E books

I understand that people love real books in their hands. I get it. The smell. The flip of the page. The wandering through a bookstore.

Now, how many times have we complained about being broke college students? When I wander around Barnes and Noble I’m attracted to the big, glossy hardcovers. I’ll end up spending upwards of $25.00 on a book I’ll read once and then find a place to stuff it in my tiny, little dorm room. What’s the point?

I would gladly give up the flip of a page (that REALLY matters?) for a cheaper book. Ever since I got my E-reader, I have read more and for cheaper. I’ll find discounted books for $5.00 and at the end of the book, there are recommendations for the next one I should read. Instead of getting myself to a bookstore I can just click here and there and have a new read all ready within minutes.

I understand that people like being nostalgic, but what if that happened decades ago with the computer? No, I don’t think I need this big device, I’m going to stick to a pencil and paper. Or what if humans didn’t like writing on paper and wanted to stick with carving on rocks? I’m pretty sure if you are not at least a bit well versed with technology, it would be pretty impossible to get to college. All that I am trying to say is, On the Media about publishing made me think of the E-book versus hard copy debate and if I can spend less money on books and get them without having to use gas in my car to get to the bookstore then I don’t care what medium my book is displayed on.


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