Semester Project Update!

Today Sarah Camarata and I continued our progress in interviewing various student subjects for our final semester project on diversity. We interviewed four people, with an additional three people to be interviewed on Saturday. That will bring us to our final total of 10 different Manhattanville Students to be interviewed for the project.

Based on our interviews today many conclusions were drawn from the students who discussed diversity at Manhattanville. While all students seem to agree that manhattanville is in fact a diverse institution, it is students willingness to rbanch out of their “comfort” zones and interact with othrs from different backgrounds, clubs, athletic tems, interests, etc that is the tricky part. Based on a question asked to the students who interviewed with Sarah and I, they said that it seems as though students are afriad to branch out because of the factor of not being accepted by others from different “cliques”. Futhermore, students shared that if Manhattanville worked harder to offer more community/school wide programming then the opportunity for students to meet new people would improve.

All in all, the conclusion we’ve drawn from today is that regardless the colorof your skin, your ethnicity, your hobbies, or academic interests the problem with diversity at manhattanville is not that people dont understnad it, or don’t want to accept others, the problem is that studetsn lack the courage, the motivation, and the opportunities to branch out and meet new people different from who they know.


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