A Viral Video from Your Government

And yet another viral video about KONY was updated to the web, this time by a member of the United States Senate. The 8 minute film intentionally follows the uplifting KONY 2012 template. The video raises a number of questions, one being: How much can the U.S. government really do about Kony?

Senator Coons uses this channel as an attempt to capture the immediate imagination of the online public about the capturing of Kony. Senator Coons states that the United States Congress needs to begin using the tools that modern America uses to remain connected to the world.

I agree with Senator Coons statement. I feel that in this day in age there are so many outlets to remain connected to others that there is no reason for people not use it for an important cause. More people today are on social media than ever before. It would be smart to begin implementing this form of media to farther pass news and information on to others in a quick and easy manner.


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