“Cover the Night”, A Qualified Success

As many know, KONY 2012 has become a social media phenomenon. On Friday, April 20th, people were directed in the popular KONY You-tube video to fill the streets and paint the wall with posters of Kony. Though it was to be a global cry of outrage, only a handful of people were actually mobilized. Invisible Children still says its efforts have been an unqualified success.

I found it very interesting to find out that many have been referring to the KONY 2012 movement as “slacktavisim”; an easy no risk outlet to make a person feel good about themselves.

Although people call this movement “slacktavism”, at the end of the day numbers don’t lie. KONY 2012 served its purpose and allowed people to gain knowledge about a problem going on in the world and attempt to fix it.

Although the amount of people who followed through to paint the night was not as much as intended, the amount of people who became aware of this problem through social networking served to be greater.


One thought on ““Cover the Night”, A Qualified Success

  1. Even though people opened their eyes to issues of social justice, “slacktivism” has been defined as people who are just going along with the fad and retweeting and sharing the KONY2012 video on Facebook. It’s more so about people’s motives behind getting involved versus looking at the number of views on the Youtube video.

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