Sometimes You Have to Roll with the Punches

So tomorrow, you will all see the culmination of my semester project. It began as a project solely about women in media and my mom, my sister and my views of women in mainstream media, especially movies. As I interviewed my family and pieced together the parts of my project, the questions we answered about a variety of movies felt irrelevant. It felt like I was forcing that part of the project on this beautiful, emotional representation of strong women and our views of strong women. Originally the questions you will see answered in my video were just for the foundation of my project; the ideas that would launch the rest of it.

The use of media:

Through this project I have completely grown in the world of media. I have gotten the chance to experiment with iMovie and use it to my advantage. I even became more well versed in Quicktime, GarageBand and iTunes. Even though I did not include video clips of my mom and sister, I chose to include their voices layered into the video.

I could have recorded my mom and my sister on Easter break or on Spring break when I was with each of them, but something about the media we’ve used to keep in contact for the past two years (Twelve years if you count all the way back from when Celia left for college) felt important to me. This is the way we interact every day, this is how we maintain our relationships, so that is how my interviews should be presented. Voice is powerful. Having an audience concentrate on that one sense avoids the deterrence of watching someone’s face or hair or clothes.

Since I decided to do audio recordings over Skype and FaceTime, I had to deal with my mother figuring her way through the iTunes App store on her Ipad. It’s funny to remember that she is not a first generation computer user. Teaching her how to do a few new things on the Ipad actually felt like it culminated my project in a sense because it’s about new media and staying in contact and empowering other women, not bringing them down (the initial way I was getting when my mom didn’t understand how to just “download Skype”).

The video clips you’ll hear are snippets from hours of interviews. I hope you all enjoy it!


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