Final Semester Project Post :]

So to round out my last semester project post (since I briefly spoke in class today) I just want to say it has been a blast! Although, I am almost broke with 17.63 left to my name (its going to be a boring weekend, thank god for boyfriends :]) I had a great time going to new places and trying new things. I also wanted to document which places were my favorite.

My all-time favorite restaurant around this area, which if you have some spare cash would be GREAT to go to, is Buddha. Buddha is amazing their food is amazing, and their desert is amazing. All around, if I spend money there, I don’t leave regretting it, I leave FULL. Which is exactly how you should feel after blowing 30 bucks on your own meal (tip included).

I LOVED Sara’s blog and I hope that if you ever get a chance to go to any of those places you actually do! I know I will be trying some of those places next semester since I definitely do not have time to visit this semester (leaving on wednesday).

From when I was younger and developed my love for food I’ve always wanted to be a food critic (mainly because I was fat) but it was great to be able to do this. It taught me to eat slowly and enjoy my meals and taste the different spices and flavors that each food has to offer. I know that sounds silly but with a schedule like mine, you tend to hoover your meals pretty quickly.


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