Final Semester Project Update!!!

Hey Everyone!

WOW! Tomorrow marks our last class together. Sarah and I want to say it’s been an awesome semester chatting with all of you and we’re definitely going to miss the fun we’ve had. To conclude this semester, the two of us have polished the finishing touches on our project and are psyched to share and show you our final media video that we created celebrating the diversity at Manhattanville. Based on the interviews with the 10 students polled, we have found many commonalities with answers that we’d like to share.

  • 10:10 students described diversity with the following adjectives: differences, race, culture, language, experiences, coming together, learning
  • 9:10 students agreed that Manhattanville is diverse. They said that based on the number of students from different countries and states in the US we’re like a melting pot. The student who said we weren’t did not base his/her answer in culture or heritage but instead how well Mville students are accepted by one another.
  • When asked if the students has ever had a tough time “being themeless” at Manhattanville 10:10 students said no. All students explained that Mville is the one place where being different is accepted. That being involved in many activities is what makes you well-rounded and able to be yourself
  • 8:10 students explained that cliques exist at Manhattanville because they are defense mechanisms that feel safe. The students explained that cliques are not to be mean or push people away– they are comfortable and that why people fall into them so easily. 2:10 students said cliques are inevitable. Cliques define the individual and without them a person is lost
  • When asking students what’ll take to make Mville more diverse and pull students from a “clique” mentality, 10:10 ALL answered the the coming together as a community is the best builder possible. 10:10 students explained that community events of fun like Fall Fest and Quad Jam or remembrance like Marisa Pagli day or 9/11 memorial is when it feels best being a valiant.

Sarah and I are stoked to have had the opportunity to participate in this project. Having the ability to interview students and utilize the Diversity Pledge of Manhattanville that was created by the Diversity and Inclusion Task Force Committee was really rewarding. We can’t wait to show you the final video compilation!


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