My Last Post for the Semester…

So, for my last post for the semester I am going to talk about something in my own life, and in the lives of the rest of Manhattanville students. Our pub. Yes as I have said in my first post from today, that we all complain when we shouldn’t because we have an amazing school, I just want to put out some of my thoughts. Now, the pub has always been a fast way to grab food. You get a wrap or a sandwich a soda fries you swipe and off you go with your day. But the whole system at the pub is completely messed up. I was inspired to write this post after reading Bash’s article in the Touchstone.

First of all, I am going to address the wrap, italian/sushi, and salad lines. While there is never a line at the salad or italian/sushi station the line for wraps is always so long. It takes 5 minutes for them to make a wrap, and instead of having more than one person working, they should have two, or even 3. It would get things done much faster and it would help serve the ultimate purpose to the pub. However, the salad station and italian/sushi station never have lines. Now, I don’t know if it is fully why I think it is, or if it is quality, whatever the reason may be I think a lot of it stems from pricing. While you can stand in the wrap line and get a wrap, fries, and now a larger sized drink, standing in the salad line you get a handful of lettuce and are only allowed to pick like 4 toppings, what’s that crap. It does not, by any means equal to the amount of food you get from the wrap station. Second the sushi/italian, I’m pretty sure almost everything at this station goes over a meal swipe. Everything in the pub should be able to be purchased as a meal swipe. We should be allowed a MEAL.

A frozen pizza, a salad, sushi, chips and soup? A combination of any of these is lunch but if we want frozen pizza it’s over a swipe, we get like a scoop of soup and a piece of fruit for a swipe. I just don’t understand how their pricing and the up-marking works. Ramen is like 39 cents in stop and shop but like 2 dollars at the pub. That may be exaggerated but its making my point. I just wish the school was able to fix this obvious, complained about glitch. I think it would help serve its purpose more widely throughout the student body, and also serve as a place people would want to purchase items.


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