Semester Project

My Semester Project

So, I am going to preface with a sorry, I am updating the blog with 4 new posts, so you’re about to get a bombardment of emails!

I just wanted this blog to be a small way for me to tell you all what I thought of my ending product to the semester project and what I took away from it. First of all, I must say, that I could not have been prouder of Francesca & I’s project. I think the end product, the video, and the collection of responses, can truly help demonstrate some of the diversity and Manhattanville College on it’s own. The process of the video was so interesting listening to all of the students tell us what diversity was. I think one of the best parts was how each student had to actually stop and think of something we talk about everyday. DIversity is such a widely used popular word, and I think in some cases, people are not even sure how to fully explain what they mean by this, so listen to the collective student body made this possible.

From this project I think I definitely take away a pride for Manhattanville. The college itself is so beautiful and while we all always complain about our food, or the pub, or something going on with student accounts, this college is something special. It is different from many of the schools that my friends attend, and I think it’s in a good way. We have such a variety of students and some brilliant professors, and the sources we have for internships are amazing. The small campus allows us to have a close niche to faculty staff and fellow students and I think this video truly demonstrates this beauty


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