The Secret Formula That Predicts When Celebs Break Up..

This podcast was basically a way for the general public to understand or learn how to calculate the length celebrities will be together.

The 5 factors include; months spent dating, combined ages at times of marriage, amount of skin showing for the bride on her first google picture, measure the quality of bridal popularity and marital bliss

If her fame is tabloid fame, it is going to be a short marriage? I think this whole idea and podcast, while funny is kind of sick. I mean I understand the life long obsession everyone has with celebrities that it totally understandable, but I think this is kind of mean. We are predicting when they are going to fail? How about we predict how long they are going to stay together, or the attributes that make someone have a happy marriage. Marriage is such a blissful happy idea, and it is a unity between two people that is suppose to last “until death do we part”, but these days that doesn’t happen.

Without getting into this long discussion on people in general and how I think people get divorced for fashion, I will narrow it to celebrities. Famous people are only together for months, even days in recent history. Especially with the all famous situation of Kim Kardashian. Now this, in my opinion is terrible. If you are signing an agreement and whatnot, you should truly trust the vows placed. Marriage is something serious to me and to not be played around with and I think celebrities see it more as something like dating. They get together for a bit, decide they want to change get divorced. Why the hell did you get married in the first place? And I think this is why, terrible ideas like this podcast present came about because celebrities don’t really realize how they are being viewed by people. I think it’s bad for the public to scrutinize the people for something they do in their own lives, I mean everyone makes mistakes and messes something up once or twice, and I myself and doing some scrutinizing, but I do think they need to realize the image they are presenting, and this is why people get gossiped about.


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